Walking Past UK's Best Architecture


We are the Rustic Ramblers. We wander around looking do discover the great and sometimes the more mundane architectural buildings and features that make up the architectural vista of the UK
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We are looking for interesting pieces of Architectural design that stand out or that define an area or a place. Be a distinctive or archetypal building or a specific element of design such as a wrought iron gate or an interesting window frame we will look to document it here.
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It is not just buildings or items in situ that spark our imagination. We are also interested in items or features that have been saved from a building no longer standing. Rummaging through scrap yards, junk yards and curiosity shops can yield wonderful finds that not only interest and delight the eye but, for some savvy buyer, can be brought back to life in new surroundings.

It is always fun to extend the limits of both design and imagination, making the quirky mainstream and the mainstream quirky! The architectural riches of the UK can be found from the most prestigious country home through to the most no description council estate. All design has a reason and a place, even today's most monstrous carbuncle, can be tomorrows  feted design. So from salvage yards to stately homes we are on the lookout.
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